Insurance brokers and claim management. Protecting Perth business and mitigating losses since 2005.
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Business Insurance

Business insurance protects and minimises businesses from losses, equipment damage or legal liability that potentially ruin your livelihood.

Personal & Lifestyle Insurance

Personal insurance forms cover that provides security to you and your family for your person and your valuables, including life, car, household and more.

Risk Management

Make the right decisions and protect your business. From insurance, to health and safety laws through to cyber security we identify, track and manage risks to give you confidence.

Lodge a Claim

Take the pain out of settling and insurance claim and ensure you get what you’re entitled to. Specialising in planning, managing and motoring entire compensations processes.

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Our company heart beat is “rewards with respect” which epitomises how we do business. We believe in integrity and trust above all and by focusing on servicing clients’ needs to the highest levels we know the rewards will come.

We see our purpose as being ‘To provide certainty and peace of mind to clients through the mitigation and handling of risk’.

We are a proud member of the largest insurance broker network in Australasia, the Steadfast Group. Empowering us with unparalleled buying power and support. We're also proud members of the National Insurance Brokers Association. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the amount to be paid for a contract of insurance or a policy to the insurance company.

Insured is the one who holds or owns the policy and insurer is the company that covered the insured.

This applies mainly for motor vehicle insurance policies. 

No claim bonus is a benefit for those who have not claimed insurance during the preceding year of cover. 

This will lower the premium on the following year.

Deductible or an EXCESS is a set amount that you have to pay from your pocket when making a claim. 

For example, if you have a deductible/excess of $500, and your total claim cost is $3,000, then you are responsible for paying for $500 and the remaining amount $2,500 will be covered by the insurance company